Updated (with video): Got something to say about charter schools? NAACP Special Hearing on Charter Schools – New Haven, CT – Saturday, Dec. 3, 1 – 6 p.m.

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Update: The full video of the NAACP special hearing is here. (Source: W4 News, AccessTV.org) Also see parent letters regarding charter school issues to the NAACP Task Force on Quality Education.

In October, the NAACP (national conference) passed a resolution that called for a moratorium on privately-managed, publicly funded charter schools. The resolution was fairly moderate and listed the charter school policies that must change in order for any future NAACP support. This weekend, the NAACP will host the first in a series of national meetings about this resolution for a charter school moratorium.  The first meeting will be in New Haven, CT. (details below)

The fact that charter schools are racially segregated (mostly Black students), have punitive disciplinary policies, and siphon funds away from public schools to privately-managed charter schools were among the reasons for a charter school moratorium. (You can read more about why here.) In a press release, the NAACP stated:

We are calling for a moratorium on the expansion of the charter schools at least until such time as:
 (1) Charter schools are subject to the same transparency and accountability standards as public schools
 (2) Public funds are not diverted to charter schools at the expense of the public school system
 (3) Charter schools cease expelling students that public schools have a duty to educate and
 (4) Charter schools cease to perpetuate de facto segregation of the highest performing children from those whose aspirations may be high but whose talents are not yet as obvious.

In addition to this resolution, the NAACP created a National Task Force for Quality Education. This Task Force will hold a special hearing (one of many around the country) focusing on this resolution for a charter school moratorium on Saturday, December 3, 2016, from 1 – 6 p.m. in New Haven, CT at the Omni Hotel, 155 Temple Street. (directions here)

Sign-up happens at 1 p.m. and the hearing begins at 2 p.m. 3 minute speaking limit per person. You can read the full details in the flyer below. The meeting appears to be open to the public.


You can be sure, the charter school lobby that advocates for more privately-managed schools and funding for only those charter schools will be there.

Will public education advocates show up?

Want to learn more about charter schools in Connecticut? Here’s a little something to get started:

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One thought on “Updated (with video): Got something to say about charter schools? NAACP Special Hearing on Charter Schools – New Haven, CT – Saturday, Dec. 3, 1 – 6 p.m.”

  1. Thanks to the NAACP for stepping up to call out yet another racist scam meant to remake black and brown children in the image of white corporate millennials who know nothing about the damage they are inflicting on children to satisfy white philanthropists, ideologues, and hedge fund operators who are interested in expanding the territory of the “no excuses” hell schools like KIPP, Uncommon Schools, YES Prep, Mastery, and others that brutalize children in the interests of building business empires and fulfilling paternalistic social control agendas.

    The “no excuses” charter model bases its “success” on a rigid, inhumane, and miseducative classroom catechism that leaves children traumatized, passive, and less able to think for themselves. The KIPP Model, which I have studied and written a book about, is based on a paternalistic form of total compliance schooling that aims to rewire children’s neurological schemas to make them immune to the devastating effects of poverty. Many of those teachers engaged in the abusive practices that are common in the “no excuses” schools have been brainwashed by fake teacher education programs like TFA in the penal methods laid out by Doug Lemov and other businessmen who have no understanding of learning, teaching, or child development.

    Churning out test scores and smiling robotic children remains the coin of the charter realm, and it is by the continued cultural sterilization of poor black and brown children that guarantees the endless stream of tax-sheltered corporate cash to make these schools entirely unfair comparisons to the starved public schools that must compete with corporate billions topping off the public monies that these charter schools receive with no oversight or accountability.

    In a few years hence, we can only hope, with the NAACP’s help, that we can look back at the charter phenomena as another failed eugenics experiment that reminds us of our fallibility as imperfect humans who have the capacity to rationalize devastating atrocities against the most vulnerable.

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