“The Road to Law School” -Ted Ibarguen ’17

“The Road to Law School” -Ted Ibarguen ’17

Interviewed by Thierno Barry ’20


TB: Tell me about what you have you done since leaving Trinity?


TI: I went back home to Philadelphia for law school at the University of Pennsylvania where I have one more year. It has been a phenomenal academic experience, but also a great life experience as I have been able to spend so much time with family and friends in the area.  Last summer, in 2018, I worked for a federal judge in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. This coming summer of 2019 I will be working at a law firm in New York called Davis Polk & Wardwell.


TB: That’s great. Congratulations. Is there anything that you learned from Trinity that you applied to law school?


TI:  Yes, for sure. First, Trinity definitely helped me as a writer. Penn, along with most other law schools, has a mandatory first-year legal writing course where we did a lot of writing. The political science department really helped me develop as a writer. Second, various courses at Trinity gave me exposure to reading U.S. Supreme Court case law, which is a huge advantage because the first year of law school almost entirely consists of reading such cases. Professor Falk’s Law and Argument course really introduced me to how to read cases efficiently. Professor Carbonetti’s International Human Rights Law course also provided great exposure. Whether interested in law school or not, I highly recommend that students take courses with them. Lastly, I think that Trinity’s small classroom atmosphere and social culture made me feel comfortable interacting with both Professors and important networking connections.

TB: That’s good. What would say is your proudest accomplishment since graduating?


TI: I would have to say that it is getting into law school and succeeding there. I did very poorly my freshman year at Trinity and worked hard to turn that around.


TB: That is a great accomplishment. Is there anything else that you would like other alums to know about you in terms of hobbies passions, or milestones?


TI: For hobbies, I remain a passionate Philadelphia sports fan and a sadly average golfer. For other things, I have really found advising Trinity grads and others on considering law school to be very rewarding. Please reach out if you have questions. I have been involved in a very rewarding pro bono organization called the Military Assistance Project that provides legal aid to veterans. I will also be clerking for a federal judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit for a year after graduation and prior to returning to New York to start full-time.