Where Politics and Healthcare Intersect – Linda Bernstein Jasper ’92

Where Politics and Healthcare Intersect – Linda Bernstein Jasper ’92

Interviewed by Kevin Torres ’21

KT: What have you done since leaving Trinity?

LJ: After I graduated, I worked for three years at a non-profit organization, then went back to school for my graduate degree at UNC Chapel Hill, receiving a Master of Health Care Administration. After that, I worked at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, then moved in-house to do corporate media relations. I’ve been with Coyne Public Relations for 13 years, serving as one of the leads on both the health care and higher education practices.

KT: Is there anything you learned at Trinity that you’ve used or has helped you in your career?

LJ: Of course. You would hope that four years of college learning will be applicable when you get into the workforce. My major was political science and I took most of my classes with Dr. Renny Fulco. While I don’t work in politics and legal field specifically, I used what I learned all the time since health care is such a political and policy-related issue.

KT: What is your proudest accomplishment since graduating Trinity?

LJ: My kids, of course, personally. From a professional standpoint, I have been fortunate to work on amazing national-level health and social campaigns that have been pretty groundbreaking.

KT: What is something you would like other alumni to know about you?

LJ: You never that how your connections at Trinity are going work out for you. About five years after we graduated, my best friend—who lived across the hall from me in Wheaton—mentioned she had a cousin whom she wanted me to meet. I did, we got married, and have two kids. You never really know what good things might happen through the connection that you make.