How Trinity Shapes Lives – Cliff McFeely ’71

How Trinity Shapes Lives – Cliff McFeely ’71

Interviewed by Brenner DeSouza ’21

BD: What have you done since leaving Trinity? Work/Career? Family?

CM: After Trinity, I had no solid plans so I went to Australia with a fraternity brother. I came back in ’71 and was married within the year. I am still married and have 2 daughters! I worked for the Hartford Times once I came back and then for Sachi & Sachi in NYC. After, I worked for North Council in Stamford, CT where I was a partner and eventually became president.

Finally, I founded an organization called Future 5, where we work with lower income high school students. We help them stay on track and create a plan for themselves after high school. The aim is to send these students to college, but we stick with them regardless of whether that goal is achieved. We have been with this organization for 10 years now. We are a force in Stamford. We have 53 seniors who have been accepted into multiple colleges. We help them figure out how to afford college and help with a variety of scholarships. Here is the website to our organization:

BD: Have you used many of the schools that you obtained at Trinity to help you throughout your career?

CM: I got a lot out of the major. I have had a lifelong interest in political science, government, political events, politics, and everything else involved in that field. My political science major at Trinity created an interest on my part that I have stuck with ever since.

BD: What has been your proudest accomplishment since graduating Trinity?

CM: My proudest accomplishment is my family. My daughters have their heads on straight and have married great guys. I’ve been given a great family. I think if you can go out in life and understand the value in family and raising kids and understanding the importance of that job in your life then that is something to be proud of.

BD: What is something you would like other alums to know about you?

CM: Anyone who is in the Stamford area should come and stop by Future 5. Anyone who is in the area is welcome to come up and see what we stand for. There is always something they might have fun doing from the volunteer perspective.

BD: What are some hobbies/passion projects, successes, or milestones, that you would like Trinity to be aware of?

CM: I am most passionate about Future 5.