Homeokinetics is the study of complex systems, such as universes, galaxies, social systems, people, or even those that seem as simple as gases. The entire universe consists of atomistic-like units bound in interactive ensembles to form systems, level by level in a nested hierarchy. Homeokinetics treats all complex systems on an equal footing, animate and inanimate, providing them with a common viewpoint. The complexity in studying how they work is reduced by the emergence of common languages in all complex systems.

Arthur Iberall, the founder of Homeokinetics, passed away on December 8, 2002. Obituary



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Homeokinetics 101
Arthur Iberall on Homeokinetics
Life is not a Flame

Lecture videos at U of Connecticut March, 1993
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1998 Homeokinetics Conference

Many people — students, academics, professionals — got their first taste of a true general systems science from A. Iberall, Toward a General Science of Viable Systems, McGraw-Hill, 1972. Now, such interdisciplinary study is extended far beyond in:

A. Iberall, D. Wilkinson, D.White (U. Cal. affiliation), Foundations for Social and Biological Evolution, Progress Toward a Physical Theory of Civilization and of Speciation, CA: Cri-de-Coeur Press, 1993.

It will open your mind to real interdisciplinary study on a physical science base for society, life, and the creating Earth processes.

Iberall, A.S. (2016) Homeokinetics: The Basics.  Strong Voices Publishing.