Bulletin 12

Bull. 12. Oct. 19, 1998. Our Homeokinetic View of Processes and Things – Food for Thought.

Attend, attend, if you are our friend. We have neglected you for months. Why? We were occupied through July 1998, with an overviewing homeokinetic (H-K) conference at U. Conn. – Storrs, under the sponsorship of our ecological psychology hosts, and some of our very loved young ones. The nominal occasion was the 80th birthday of our initiating (prime?) mover; occasions both for the production of a Festschrift-to-come and a preprimer to H-K. Attendance and interchange, and plans for an H-K future were wonderful. But even more inspirational, it has led to what is now a ‘first public production’ of our school, a genuine primer. Forgive us, if out of necessity, we charge for it.

Hot off the press, now, 1998, there is a slim book available:

A Primer for Homeokinetics: A Physical Foundation for Complex Systems

Its authors: Art Iberall, Harry Soodak

Cri-de-Coeur Press, $9.00 (+ $3 S&H).

Write, send check to A, Iberall, Cri-de-Coeur, 5070 Avenida del Sol, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653-1876.

What is it? It is a summary of 90 principles that make up a physical core for H-K thinking – about Nature, Life, Humankind, Mind, and Society. It will give you something to mull over. We do not want you to think the undertaking is trivial.

As measured in antinomies, we offer you the following measures. Since there are effectively 90 different – but connected – thoughts developed therein, and each likely can be counterviewed, you the reader may have to form quite a number of different possible maps of reality, or a skein of pathways mapping reality. For example, if you devote a trivial amount of time such as an hour per depiction, just running through all the points, each separately, would require 2×90 hours (perhaps 6 weeks) of mental effort. Alternatively, reconsidering the points in multiple combinations could require a much higher – more limiting – effort as great as 290, which is of order 1027 hours or 1023 years (time since the Big Bang 1010 years). That, as time spent in an extended banquet could keep you quite busy eating and chewing for many universal lifetimes.