The Thomas Church Brownell Prize for Teaching Excellence

Thomas_Church_BrownellCalling on Trinity alumni to honor the professors who made an impact on their lives

Did you have a teacher who changed the way you think? Influenced your career choices? Helped you to wake up intellectually? Or in any other way altered your life? If so, you have a wonderful chance to pay tribute to that teacher. The Thomas Church Brownell Prize for Teaching Excellence, which recognizes consistently outstanding teaching by a senior faculty member, is awarded annually at Commencement. All alumni are invited to submit nominations explaining in 200 to 300 words why they believe a favorite professor deserves this prestigious award. Nominations should be sent to Nan Horton via e-mail ( or postal mail (Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Williams Memorial 118 at the College). The nomination deadline is Friday, November 4, 2016.

Associate professors, full professors, senior lecturers, and principal lecturers who have been at the College for at least three years, will not retire or begin phased retirement prior to June 30, 2017, and have not previously received the Brownell Prize are eligible. A complete list of eligible faculty appears at right.

The Brownell Prize Selection Committee hopes many graduates will nominate someone whose teaching made a critical contribution to their education.

The Brownell Prize was created through an endowment gift from an anonymous alumnus in 1986. Robert Stewart (mathematics) was the first recipient, followed in order by Diane Zannoni (economics), Drew Hyland (philosophy), Milla Riggio (English), Dina Anselmi (psychology), Craig Schneider (biology), Dirk Kuyk (English), Henry DePhillips (chemistry), Jack Chatfield (history), Sheila Fisher (English), Ralph Morelli (computer science), Tim Curran (chemistry), Frank Kirkpatrick (religion), Ellison Findly (religion), Sam Kassow (history), Gerald Moshell (music), Daniel Blackburn (biology), and John Platoff (music).

If you have questions about the Brownell Prize, please direct them to Sylvia DeMore, special assistant to the dean of the faculty, at


Rasha Ahmed
John Alcorn
Zayde Antrim
Carol Any
Paul Assaiante
Davarian Baldwin
Wendy C. Bartlett
Brett Barwick
Janet Bauer
Jeffrey Bayliss
Barbara Benedict
Ciaran Berry
Sarah Bilston
Harry Blaise
Jennifer Bowman
David Branning
Joseph Byrne
Jean Cadogan
Stefanie Chambers
Lin Cheng
William Church
Carol Clark
Sean Cocco
Robert Corber
Kathleen A. Curran
Wendy Davis
Dario Del Puppo
Pablo Delano
Jeffrey Devanney
Jack Dougherty
Kent Dunlap
Andrea Dyrness
Jonathan Elukin
Dario Euraque
Diana Evans
Johannes Evelein
Lesley Farlow
Lucy Ferriss
Luis Figueroa
Michael C. FitzGerald
Edward Fitzgerald
Robert Fleming
Andrew Flibbert
Lisa-Anne Foster
Adrienne Fulco
Scott Gac
Eric Galm
Christoph Geiss
John Georges
Francisco Goldman
Alden Gordon
Jonathan Gourley
Cheryl Greenberg
Adam Grossberg
Hebe Guardiola-Diaz
Christopher Hager
Kifah Hanna
Thomas Harrington
Caitlin Hitchcock
Christopher Hoag
Laura Holt
Karen Humphreys
Shafqat Hussain
Barbara Karger
Jean-Marc Kehrès
Kathleen Kete
Ronald Kiener
Sara Kippur
Robert Kirschbaum
Katherine Lahti
Anne Lambright
Michael Lestz
Dan Lloyd
Donna-Dale Marcano
Seth Markle
Susan Masino
David Mauro
Lida Maxwell
Kevin McMahon
Priscilla Melendez
John Mertens
Anthony Messina
Takunari Miyazaki
Janet Morrison
Ralph Moyer
Garth Myers
Jane Nadel-Klein
Taikang Ning
Beth Notar
Michael O’Donnell
Joseph Palladino
Guiliana Palma
Irene Papoulis
Anne Parmenter
Maria Parr
Diana Paulin
Robert Peltier
Mitchell Polin
Katharine Power
Vijay Prashad
Michael Preston
Richard Prigodich
Miguel Ramirez
Sarah Raskin
Denise Rau
Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre
Gary Reger
David Reuman
Martha Risser
Dan Román
David Rosen
Clare Rossini
Paula Russo
Todd Ryan
Mary Sandoval
Arthur Schneider
Mark Setterfield
Yipeng Shen
Mark Silverman
Scott Smedley
Gregory Smith
Madalene Spezialetti
Mark Stater
George Suitor
Charles Swart
Patricia Tillman
Kristin Triff
James Trostle
Stephen Valocchi
Erik Vogt
Maurice Wade
Rieko Wagoner
Barbara Walden
Chloe Wheatley
Denver Williams
Johnny Williams
Gail Woldu
Nancy J. Wyshinski
Peter Yoon
Prakash Younger