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Exercise: E

Dane Ray is a student of Texas A&M, from Texas. If Tatum watched Dane talking in “Skin Deep” video, she would place him as in the “internalization” stage among those five Cross stages. It is at this point that one begins to develop racial pride and a sense of security, which establishes “meaningful relationships across group boundaries” (Tatum, 76). Dane clearly shows his pride of his family (racial group) and his race (white). He says, “My family, who I am… We are white. I am proud of my family. And I am going to be proud of my family because they are my family, and they make me who I am” (Skin Deep, 31:11). He later seems offended when others were having negative opinions against white race. He could relatively easily develop his racial identity early because he has grown up in the white town, and has not had many contacts with other non-white races. Tatum would put Dane Ray on the internalization stage.



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