Optimizing College Student Well-Being through Research

Welcome to the Holt Research Lab! Here you will find more information about current and previous research conducted by Trinity College undergraduates and Associate Professor of Psychology, Laura Holt. There is also information for students who are interested in graduate school for clinical or counseling psychology.

How do Trinity students contribute to the research in our lab?

You can participate in a variety of research activities in our lab, all of which are excellent preparation for graduate school and/or work after college. Here are examples of student contributions:

  • assist with study recruitment/advertising
  • conduct literature reviews
  • design surveys using the Qualtrics platform
  • administer surveys
  • help to develop and refine interventions for healthier college student relationships and less risky substance use
  • conduct interviews with fellow students
  • conduct focus groups with fellow students
  • analyze data using qualitative (AtlasTi) and quantitative (SPSS) data analysis programs
  • prepare conference abstracts and manuscripts for publication

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Trinity College
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Research Symposium 2022 at Trinity College
from left: Alice Verdier ’22, Laura Holt, Angie Delucia ’22, Maddie Shapiro ’22