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A tableful of photos represents the Watkinson Library’s vast photo collections, which in the past few years have expanded greatly thanks to recent donations organized by Michael Mattis, a renowned photography collector. Mattis met Pablo Delano, Charles A. Dana Professor and Charles A. Dana Research Professor of Fine Arts, several years ago while visiting a friend’s daughter who happened to be in Delano’s class. Since 2015, when a set of photos from the collection of Stephen Nicholas came to Trinity, 12 other donors—including political commentator George Stephanopoulos—have come forward to donate to the Watkinson, all thanks to Mattis. Many of the photos were on display in February in the Austin Arts Center’s Widener Gallery in Change in America: 1940–1980, Recent Acquisitions from the Trinity College Photo Collections, an exhibit curated by Professor of Political Science Stefanie Chambers and Fine Arts Curator Felice Caivano. Delano notes that Mattis and other donors appreciate that Trinity’s collections are accessible to students and others doing research. The fair-market value of the gifts tops $3.8 million. For more on the Watkinson’s photo collections, please visit
Photo by Nick Caito


Trinity Innovation Center Opens

Faculty Members Retiring

Top Fulbright Producer for Faculty, Students

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The names of the 50 for the Next 50 honorees—50 women recognized for their potential to have a lasting impact on the future of the college—literally make up the building blocks of this illustration of part of the iconic Long Walk. The 50 for the Next 50 initiative was part of the three-semester-long Women at the Summit celebration that marked 50 years of coeducation at Trinity. Illustration by John Mavroudis

50 for the Next 50
Taking Trinity into the future
Women at the Summit: 50 Years of Coeducation at Trinity College

In and of Hartford
Opportunities for students abound

‘Mr. Trinity himself’
Patriarch Jerry Hansen ’51 leads the way
in his dedication to the college

Finding solutions to real-world problems
Seniors in engineering, computer science
tackle research, design process

The Trinity College Chapel
Historic space continues to be key part of campus life


The value of a Trinity education

Photo by Julie Bidwell

As you read this piece, Trinity has just launched the Class of 2020 into the world. Though, in truth, it’s not as if our students have been in a bubble set apart from the world until now. Indeed, one of Trinity’s greatest strengths and most distinguishing characteristics is its excellent integration of classroom learning with real-world experience and application. These new alums are prepared for life after college with an education of value, both relevant and rigorous.

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