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As you read through this issue, you won’t find coverage related to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, except, of course, in this note. Because of publishing deadlines, nearly all of the content within these pages was completed by mid-March, before the coronavirus outbreak became a pandemic. As of this writing, Trinity College was moving to remote learning for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, our study-away programs had been suspended, and contingency planning for the major college events of Commencement and Reunion was ongoing.

With a primary focus on the health and well-being of our campus community, especially our students, we at Trinity continue to think about our alumni, parents, and friends—indeed, all who are reading this magazine—and about how this public health emergency is affecting you and your loved ones. While we recognize the gravity of the disruption and uncertainty we all face, we remain ever confident that those in our Trinity community will stand together and care for one another.



I just received my copy of The Trinity Reporter in the mail. I want to thank you for featuring Cinestudio on the cover (a beautiful shot!) and for the article. Well written, it captures Cinestudio’s history, its passionate supporters, and what it means to Trinity and the community.

Of course, I will readily admit I am somewhat biased. I serve proudly on [Cinestudio’s] board as one minor cog in this wonderful institution.

Your attention to Cinestudio is well appreciated! Thanks!

Mark von Mayrhauser ’73
Cinestudio Board Member and Treasurer
West Hartford, Connecticut 


Loved the story about the origins and history of Cinestudio. Over the course of many, many evenings spent there in the early and mid-’90s, I never thought to ask James Hanley and Peter McMorris about the origins of the institution. It’s a great story, and reading it brought back a lot of memories of a lot of great films. I never took a film class at Trinity, but Cinestudio was at least worth a film minor. It’s hard to think of a filmmaker that I didn’t first encounter in the program. Excited to stop by the next time I’m passing through Hartford and try the new seats. Long may it thrive.

Alexander Zaitchik ’96
New Orleans, Louisiana


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