Hello fellow lovers of the truth – Terence Olsen ‘14

Hello fellow lovers of the truth – Terence Olsen ‘14

Interviewed by Bella Blumenschein ’21


BB: What have you been up to since you left Trinity?

TO: Right after graduation I worked in New York for just about two years at a software consulting firm. It was okay; I basically just made a hundred calls a day. I took the first job offer I received because I knew I wanted to go to law school. After two years I took the LSATS and now I’m in my final year at Boston College. After, I’m going back to New York to work for a firm called Sullivan & Cromwell.


BB: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment since you left?


TO: Getting a job at a prestigious law firm.


BB: What do you think is something you learned at Trinity that helped with your career?

TO: I think the biggest thing Trinity provided for me was a new perspective, especially Professor Smith. I remember during one class he said, “Hello fellow lovers of the truth.” I loved that and just teaching me to think logically about things. I went to Trinity thinking I wanted to be an econ major and I still liked it but after taking some classes with Smith, I actually wanted to go to law school.


BB: What is something you want the Trinity community to know about you?


TO: I want them to know I absolutely loved every second of my four years there and in the future I would be more than happy to help out students in any way I can.


BB: I see here you were also a brother at a frat and a lacrosse player.

TO: Being in a fraternity helped me learn how to network early by connecting with alumni that came to visit. It gave me exposure to new experiences. I think lacrosse also had a significant impact. You can take the lessons you learn from playing a team sport anywhere. The NESCAC system also offered a unique experience. I was a leader as a captain my senior year and I learned how what it meant to be in that position on and off the field.