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Homer in Central Park! The Public Theater’s Odyssey

New York City theatergoers were treated to a special presentation of Homer’s Odyssey through the Public Works program of The Public Theater, best known for its productions of Shakespeare in Central Park each summer. See the write-up here:

Even Homer Revs: A Biker Odyssey in the Park


Art for art’s sake is sometimes a diet too rich to maintain, yet art that sets out single-mindedly to feed a political agenda almost always fails to satisfy. The Public Theater, whose mission is, in essence, to search for ways of resolving that paradox, never succeeds better than in its Public Works program: a year-round collaboration with community groups in all five boroughs that culminates in a work of participatory theater in Central Park. This year’s production, a 100-minute musical-pageant version of The Odyssey conceived and directed by Lear deBessonet and written by Todd Almond, involves five Equity actors and about 200 nonprofessionals representing youth arts programs, domestic workers organizations, post-incarceration social-service societies, and just about any other kind of group not normally represented onstage. Did I mention the bikers?

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