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Question: Has our Color & Money seminar — and your experiences as a first-semester student at Trinity — changed how you think about race and/or social class? If so, how has your thinking changed, and why? Can you trace it back to specific moments in our seminar, or during the past three months at Trinity or in the Hartford area?

Evaluation criteria: For this first-person reflective essay, dig deep, as we won’t settle for superficial responses. Write clearly so that your ideas will be understood by readers both inside and outside of Trinity’s campus. Since this is a WordPress web essay, you are welcome to insert links, images, media — see my instructions. Give credit to ideas and words from other people and sources when appropriate. Recommended length: at least 1,000 words, but feel free to go beyond.

This is a public writing assignment. You must post your reflective essay on our WordPress site to receive a grade. I encourage you to use your full name, but you have the option to use only your first name, or initials, or a pseudonym. When the semester ends, I encourage you to leave your post online, but you have the option to remove it if desired. Read the Public Writing and Student Privacy policy.

See deadlines in our syllabus.

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