round 2: evaluation categories and storytelling

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To: Associate Dean of Admissions and the Admissions Committee
From: Dean of Admissions

By the end of today’s meeting, the Admissions Committee must agree on the evaluation categories that will guide our decisions about what qualities we value in creating the next entering class. Each of the working teams will have up to 2 minutes to present their proposals, and the Associate Dean will moderate a discussion to arrive at a group decision. If a final decision is not made in time, then the Associate Dean will designate 2 staff to work up a proposal for the entire Committee to discuss on Sunday at 7:15pm at the Lockwood Nest Dinner.

In either case, each Admissions Committee member will be assigned to deliver a 1-minute oral “storytelling” of an applicant at our meeting on Monday, and your personal recommendation on whether or not we should admit. To prepare for Monday’s meeting, write a 3-sentence summary on the Google Spreadsheet round 2 tab, and be sure to refer to our NEW evaluation categories:

NEW: Categories approved by the Admissions Committee, in order of importance:

1) Academics (test scores, AP scores, rigor, GPA)

2) Extracurriculars (recruits, world changers)

3) Diversity (class, race, ethnicity)

4) Level of Interest (interview, interviewer feedback, essay, personal recs)

5) Alumni connections (are you a legacy?)


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