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Griffin Paterson ’20 said that when he took the cover photo, looking through the Long Walk’s Fuller Arch at Northam Towers, he was imagining a parallel universe without COVID-19, one where he would walk through the archway, step on the  Luther-Roosevelt stone, and graduate with his friends and classmates. “In that moment,  though, all that was left was a shadow—my shadow—of what was supposed to be,” said Paterson, who earned a B.A. in political science with a minor in Hispanic studies.  “COVID-19 had cast a shadow all over the world, and in it consumed my final moments as a college  student. All I had left of my time at  Trinity was memories, shadows of the past.” For more from Paterson and some of his classmates, please see Through their eyes. To read an overview of Trinity’s response to the pandemic, please see Historic shift amid COVID-19.

Historic shift amid COVID-19
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Learning it while living it
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Fighting on the front lines
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Through their eyes
2020 graduates share thoughts on time at Trinity, COVID-19

Lessons from history
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