Recent Publications

Photo by John Atashian

Spirits in the Loom: Religion and Design in Lao-Tai Textiles
Ellison Banks Findly, Scott M. Johnson ’97 Distinguished Professor of Religion
White Lotus Press, 2014; 264 pages

Livin’ la Vida Barroca: American Culture in an Age of Imperial Orthodoxies
Thomas S. Harrington, Associate Professor of Language and Culture Studies
Universitat de València, 2014; 214 pages

A Certain Uncertainty: Nature’s Random Ways
Mark P. Silverman, Jarvis Professor of Physics
Cambridge University Press, 2014; 633 pages

A Connecticut Yankee in Lincoln’s Cabinet: Navy Secretary Gideon Welles Chronicles the Civil War
Edited by J. Ronald Spencer ’64, Lecturer in History and Associate Academic Dean, Emeritus
The Acorn Club, 2014; 188 pages

Queen of the Valley: The Days of XYZ
Henry F. Stocek, Jr. ’65
Dog Ear Publishing, 2014; 303 pages

Invisible Streets
Toby Ball ’89
The Overlook Press, 2014; 323 pages

Staging the Blues: From Tent Shows to Tourism
Paige A. McGinley ’99
Duke University Press, 2014; 286 pages

Oh How We Danced
Jolene Goldenthal M’69
Bleich/Bear Books, 2013; 229 pages

Doughboys on the Great War: How American Soldiers Viewed Their Military Experience
Edward A. Gutiérrez M’04
University Press of Kansas, 2014; 308 pages

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