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marine flora specimen
This digital print of the archival pressed specimen Cryptonemia lacunicola found in the waters off Bermuda by Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology Craig W. Schneider was one of nine on display in Schneider’s fall 2018 Crescent Center for Arts and Neuroscience Gallery exhibition Forms Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful. Schneider, now in his 44th and final year at the college, has described more than 50 new species and genera and collected more than 1,200 specimens of marine flora from the intertidal to deep subtidal waters of Bermuda. He said he hopes that the archival preservation and artistic display of his work will have implications in further scientific contributions and that students are able to see that “there is more to science than what appears in a journal.” Image by Craig W. Schneider.

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A female student during the early days of coeducation makes her way on the Long Walk. Photo: Trinity College Archives

Women at the Summit: 50 Years of Coeducation at Trinity College
Female pioneers play key role in institution’s evolution

Student Success Ecosystem
Reorganized center focuses efforts on preparing students for life

No Barriers
Anita A. Davis, vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Welcoming the World
Year breaks records for international students at Trinity

Kevin J. McMahon
Political science professor offers timely perspective on presidency, Supreme Court

Recruiting and Mentoring Bantams
Shipley creates program to help employees find the right fit

The Benefits of Teamwork
Career Exploration Program expanding to all student-athletes


Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Estes ’91

Andy Bassford ’76

Cathy Marona Shrestha ’84

Rafaele Fierro ’92

Carla Boecklin ’01

New NAA Executive Committee Members: John H. Ellwood ’65, P’95; Patrick R. Greene ’07; Jawanza J. “Joe” Gross ’94, P’12; Jeannie Guzman ’10; Monete G. Johnson ’11; Jonathan P. “Jonny” Smith Jr. ’03; Dede Seeber Stone ’81, P’14, ’16


President to president

Trinity President Joanne Berger-Sweeney and Student Government Association President Kristina A. Miele ’19
Photo by Helder Mira

As Trinity begins its celebration of the 50th anniversary of coeducation, The Reporter sat down for a conversation with two prominent Trinity women: President Joanne Berger-Sweeney and Student Government Association (SGA) President Kristina A. Miele ’19.
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