Classical Studies Goes to the Theater!

On Saturday April 6th, Trinity Classical Studies professors Vincent Tomasso and Lauren Caldwell took four students to see a production of Euripides’ fourth-century BCE tragedy Heracles by the Barnard Columbia Ancient Drama group. The students (from left: Trea Mannello, KyrĂ© William-Smith, Game Boonyawat, and Philip Jaeggi-Wong) enjoyed a sunny day in New York City, great food, and, above all, an excellent production of Euripides’ play, presented in the original ancient Greek with English supertitles. Every year the Barnard Columbia Ancient Drama group stages a performance of an ancient Greek or Roman play that’s performed entirely in the original language. The performances are always excellent, but this year there was the added bonus of hearing Calum Armstrong perform on the ancient instrument, the aulos, as well as the on-stage goddesses Iris and Lyssa (who causes the title character to go insane and kill his family):

Thank you to Trinity’s Dean’s Office for generously funding this trip!

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