Here you will find information and guides to help you get the most out of Moodle, the course management software used at Trinity College. Trinity faculty use Moodle for remote, hybrid and in-person instruction, which includes sharing resources (PDFs, links, e-books, and more) with students;  posting quizzes; participating in discussion forums; collecting and grading assignments and papers; and much more.

To bring up Moodle, enter http://moodle.trincoll.edu into your browser’s address bar.  Effective August 2020, this will access the login screen as seen below.  Click on ‘Login’ in the upper right, and a new window will pop up. You will need to enter your your Trinity College user credentials, using username@trincoll.edu, on this page to access the site.  After your enter the site, you will see your Dashboard with all your courses listed under Course Overview in the center of the screen, and recently-accessed courses will show at the top. In the left frame you will find navigation links to the Dashboard, Site Home and My Media (if you are not seeing the left navigation frame, click on the 3 horizontal lines (“hamburger”) in the upper left.

Click on a course link to access that course. At any time when working in Moodle, click on the blue question marks for help and explanations.  Also, if you hover over an icon, it will display tool tips text briefly describing the functionality of that button.

Remote Instruction training series – recorded March 2020

Getting Started with Moodle

Assignments and Discussion Forums

Quizzes and Exams


You can always get Moodle help via your instructional technologist or by emailing our Student Technology Assistants at sta-help@trincoll.edu.