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Transferring a course to the new Moodle server

In July, we set up a fresh installation of Moodle that contains only Summer 2018 and future courses. To transfer over your course content from previous years, follow the instructions detailed below. Transferring a course to the new moodle server More

Adding Sections

In the newest version of Moodle (3.3), sections are not automatically added when a course is created. However, if you are importing material from an old course, you now do not need to worry about adding sections to the new course before performing the import. If you are building a new course, you will need… More

Customizing course layout

Customizing course layout

The home page for a course is divided into course sections and blocks. The center column contains the course sections, usually organized either by week or topic. Resources (such as PDFs or other files), activities (such as forums), and assessment (such as quizzes, tests, or assignment dropboxes) can be added to the individual sections. Blocks… More

Making the course available to students

If the link to your course on the home page is dark blue, then the course is already available to students.  If the course link is gray, and you want the course to be available to the students, click on “Edit Settings” in the Administration block located on the lower left side of the page. … More

Add Participants (including TAs & Auditors)

Add Participants (including TAs & Auditors)

Students registered in a course are automatically added by Moodle, but teaching assistants and mentors need to be added manually to the course. To add a TA or auditor to a course: Click the “Enrolled Users” link under the course name in the Administration box (see picture 1). On the next participants screen, Click the “Enrol users”… More

Copy materials from another course

It is very easy to import materials, including course section descriptions and files, from a previous course rather than reloading them. First, go to the course site that you want to import materials to. Under the course settings, make sure that the number of weeks or topics is set to the same value as the… More