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The Moodle Gradebook can be used to manage course grades online. Advantages to using the Gradebook include: students have private access to their grades at all times, and can track their progress over the semester; grades for Moodle activities such as assignments and quizzes are automatically added to the Gradebook after scoring; customized grading schemes and scales can be used; faculty control the visibility of grades; and the Gradebook allows for personalized feedback to each student.

Integrating Poll Everywhere with Moodle Gradebook

Student results from Poll Everywhere surveys and quizzes can now be integrated with the Moodle Gradebook. For information on how to use Poll Everywhere in your class, start with this post. After you have created a set of polls (questions), you will first need to create a class participant list in your Poll Everywhere account.… More

Gradebook Weighting

The Moodle gradebook offers quite a bit of flexibility in setting up your grading method. There are numerous ways you can aggregate grades such as Simple weighted mean of grades, Weighted mean of grades, and natural. The most common aggregation method is weighted mean of grades. Using this method you can determine how much weight… More

Viewing the Gradebook

There are numerous views and screens available of the Moodle gradebook, but only a few are commonly used. When you first access the Gradebook by clicking on “Grades” under the Navigation box, the Grader Report view is shown as the default. ¬†This view shows all the grades for all the students in the course, with… More

Grade columns not showing in Gradebook

When working with categories in the Moodle Gradebook, you may find that not all the grade item columns and category totals are showing in the grader report.¬† This is due to the different views for the columns, and can be easily fixed. The top row of the grader report shows the course name, and the… More