Get Ready For A New Look!


Trinity is extremely proud of the College’s reputation as a highly selective liberal arts institution, and we want to be sure we tell our story in a compelling way.

That’s why we hired 160over90, a branding firm located in Philadelphia, to build on extensive prior research and to help us speak with a strong, clear voice.

We know our students thrive on a rigorous academic program that offers endless opportunities for collaboration with the widely respected faculty members within our community. We know that our urban location presents tremendous potential for learning, internships, community engagement, and cultural offerings. We are aware that we boast an enormously strong and committed alumni base that allows students to become part of a broader community, providing career development resources and a connection to something larger than themselves.

We plan to share a very clear message about who we are and what we offer to our students. You may have noticed 160over90’s design influence in Trinity’s presidential search prospectus. Admissions materials, including our viewbook for prospective students, will be next. Other College publications, including The Trinity Reporter, will take on a new appearance throughout the coming year. We hope you’ll like what you see.