This site contains annotated sources of research on Native Americans in Simsbury and the surrounding valley done through the Trinity College Leroy Research Fund for the Simsbury Historical Society. The purpose of the research is to collect any relevant information about the Simsbury native tribe, the Massacoes, and their relationship with the English settlers of Windsor, the surrounding regional tribes and the Farmington River. Sources found on this site can direct users on where to find sources organized by location, town history, archaeological discoveries, food, tools, rivers, etc. Places where research took place include the Simsbury Historical Society, the Yale Sterling Library, the Yale Rare Book and Manuscript Archives, the Trinity College Watkinson Library, the Connecticut Historical Society, the Windsor Historical Society, the Salmon Brook Historical Society, The Institute for American Indian Studies, The Simsbury Public Library, The Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center and other miscellaneous locations. Note that multiple sources can be found in multiple locations. Additionally, each location where research took place contains far more resources than those listed, and the ones listed here are the ones most relevant to the Massacoes. The purpose of this annotated bibliography is not only to provide a summary of the research completed, but also to help provide a helping hand to any other student, teacher or curious individual looking to do research on these topics.

A special thanks goes to any members of the Simsbury Historical Society and Trinity College who helped enthusiastically organize and develop this research project. For further information, visit Simsbury Historical Society’s website at http://www.simsburyhistory.org/