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Simsbury FCh Records

“Simsbury FCh Records.” Unpublished manuscript, n.d.

This small piece of paper is located in one of the Granby folders on the natives. It is not published, and only contains a quick hand written note, and a small seemingly unrelated newspaper clipping. The handwritten note includes the name of a native who died in 1812, Garret Ransom, who presumably lived in Granby, while the newspaper clipping is about an artifact donation to Granby Library.

Robert J. Miller

Miller, Robert J. “Forest Lighthouse Archaeology Gives Form to Tale of a Marginal Community.” Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT), August 16, 2003.

Miller writes this article about the Lighthouse settlement in Barkhamsted. The legend of the settlement’s history is questioned, but is then partially backed up by archaeological research by Feder.

Clavin Fisher

Fisher, Clavin. “The Caretaker Mystery Still Shrouds the McLean Game Refuge.” Unpublished typescript, n.d.

Fisher’s article is about Amos George, a Pequot native and the caretaker of McLean Game Refuge in Simsbury and Granby starting in 1932. Fisher does not depict George in an overly positive light, but this article does help to prove native presence in Simsbury in more modern times.

Nicholas F. Bellantoni

Bellantoni, Nicholas F. Nicholas F. Bellantoni to Mark Williams, March 18, 1991. Salmon Brook Historical Society, Granby, CT.

This is a letter written by the state archaeologist at the time, Bellantoni, to Mr. Williams regarding certain archaeological sites in Granby. Mr. Bellantoni writes that there are two main sites, West Point Site and Mechanics Point Site. At both sites, discoveries included stone and flint tools.