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Claudine Melgrave

Melgrave, Claudine. Indian Herbal Remedies. 1968.

Melgrave, the editor, provides examples given by natives themselves of plants found in New England that could be used medicinally. The examples provide explanations of what the plant is good for, and how to prepare the plant. Some examples include pine, wild raspberries, maple trees and tobacco.

William S. Lyon

Lyon, William S. Encyclopedia of Native American Healing. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC CLIO, Inc., 1996.

Lyon’s work gives information about various types of ceremonies, medicines and individuals who had an impact on Native American societies across the United States and Canada. Although Lyon’s work is limited when concerning Connecticut, he does provide some important explanations for certain ceremonies, practices and individuals who played a role in healing.

W.H. Carter

Carter, W. H. North American Indian Medical Practices and Burial Customs. London: Namind Printers & Publishers, 1973

Carter’s compilation contains explanations of multiple plants and customs. Although the author does not list or explain many plants of customs as very specific to Connecticut, he does give an important explanation on tobacco. Tobacco, despite having been of a different variety, grew since before the time of native-settler contact. The plant became an important to both settlers and natives.