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Eileen Fielding

River History” by Dr. Eileen Fielding. Simsbury, CT: The Farmington Watershed Association, 2014.

Dr. Fielding, Director of the Farmington Watershed Association, gave a presentation on the history of the Farmington River in 2014. She was kind enough to export that presentation on a disc for future use. Dr. Fielding provides facts on what types of fish live in the Farmington, and also the relationship the natives had with the Farmington River who lived alongside or near it.

Malcolm Day Rudd

Rudd, Malcolm Day. A Historical Sketch of Salisbury, Connecticut. New York, 1899.

Rudd writes a short history of Salisbury, CT. This town is potentially related to the Massacoes and Simsbury, because Rudd makes the interesting conclusion that the Massacoe moved to this area after King Philip’s War. The evidence behind this is that the natives that lived in Salisbury were called the “Weatogue Indians”, and that there is evidence these people arrived in Salisbury around this time period.

Marc Banks and Lucianne Lavin

Banks, Marc and Lucianne Lavin. Archaeological Site Sensitivity Analysis of the Town of Simsbury. Simsbury, CT: Simsbury Planning Department, 2002.

Banks and Lavin write a summary of an archaeological survey of Simsbury. Included are old maps, copies of deeds from the natives, and descriptions of finds based chronologically. What might be extremely useful are maps of Simsbury that indicate what locations had finds, and which locations might have the most finds if excavated. This source might tell us the most specifically about the Massacoes that lived here for thousands of years.

James Hammond Trumbull

Trumbull, James Hammond. Indian Names of Places, etc., in and on the Borders of Connecticut. Hartford, CT: Brown & Gross, 1881

Trumbull provides a lengthy list of native place names used within Connecticut. The author includes place names such as Congamuch, Massaco, Tunxis, Wheataug and several others whose use he claims was by natives of the Farmington Valley.

John E. Ellsworth

Ellsworth, John E. Simsbury, Being a Brief Historical Sketch of Ancient and Modern Simsbury 1642-1932. Simsbury, CT: The Simsbury Committee for the Tercentenary, 1935.

Ellsworth writes a history of Simsbury, and includes important information about the settlement of Simsbury and the natives of the area. The natives are written about in some detail, with paths, village locations, local native legends, relationships with specific natives, etc.