Karan Malik ’16

Karan Malik ’16

Major: economics

Minor: religion

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Awards and honors during your college career: Second Team All-American; First Team All-NESCAC; NESCAC All-Sportsmanship Team; Belfiore Award for exemplification of team spirit; Belfiore Award for overcoming adversity

Extracurricular activities: Co-Captain, College Squash Association (CSA) National Championship men’s squash team; member, CSA National Championship men’s squash team; member, CSA National Runner-up men’s squash team; volunteer, intern, and mentor, Capitol Squash urban squash program; student worker, sports, Communications Office

How would you describe yourself as a first-year student? As a first-year student, I was more shy and timid than I am now. I had no idea what to expect from life at Trinity or life in the U.S. I had never visited Trinity or been to the U.S. before my first year. It took me a while to get used to the life and academics as it was a lot different from how colleges are back home. It probably took me a little bit longer to find my feet at Trinity than most first-years. My first-year roommate helped me out a lot with adjusting to life at Trinity. I owe him a large debt of gratitude for everything he did for me.

How would you describe yourself now? I’m a lot more outspoken and outgoing than I was my first year. Over the course of my four years at Trinity, I’ve been put in situations that have allowed me to show my strengths and also times when I’ve had to overcome some weaknesses. Trinity has molded my personality for the better and made me more confident and assertive. I might have changed a great deal over the four years, but I’d still like to think that I’ve maintained some of the innocence and naïveté from my first year.

Which course has been your favorite? Why? I’ve been pretty lucky with the classes I’ve taken. I can’t remember being in a class that I didn’t like. One of the most enjoyable courses I took was “Global South,” which was taught by one of my favorite professors, Vijay Prashad. It was an international studies class but touched on economics, political issues, and social injustices in the Southern Nations. I was surprised by how much information I walked away with from that class.

Karan MalikWhich professor has influenced you the most? Why? I’ve had a number of outstanding professors at Trinity, but there are a few who have helped me in immeasurable amounts along the way. My adviser, Professor [Diane] Zannoni, has always been an excellent resource for me and has guided me through my four years at Trinity. She has a big hand in me being an economics major. Another professor that has helped me a lot is Professor [Elli] Findly. I’ve had the pleasure of taking a bunch of classes with her since freshman year and have enjoyed every single one of them. The biggest influence outside of the classroom for me has been Coach Paul Assaiante. He was one of the major reasons I chose to come to Trinity. It’s been an immense honor to be able to play for him, and just getting to know him has helped me become a better man. He has definitely been a father figure to me during my time at Trinity. ​

What is the most important thing you have learned at Trinity? The most important thing I’ve learned at Trinity is just to live in the moment. Just like any senior, I’ve struggled with the idea of graduating but have come to the realization to enjoy the time I have left. It’s something that I learned in class through Buddhism where you learn to appreciate moments as they are, good or bad, and accept that eventually the moment will pass, and that is okay.

What has been most important to you outside of class? The most important thing outside of class has been the experience of being part of the squash team. I’ve always loved the sport but have mostly been competing individually. Being part of a team and to be able to share wins and losses with people who care about it as much as you do has been really special. I share a special bond with each and every person on the team and have made a lot of friends for life.

What is your favorite Trinity memory … so far? My favorite Trinity memory has to be winning the National Squash Championships in 2015 at Trinity. We were coming off a heartbreaking loss the year before in the final to Harvard. It was also the first time Trinity was hosting the championship at home. It was an immense feeling to be the captain and to win the national title in front of the home crowd. That has to be the best moment in my Trinity life.

Where do you hope to be in 10 years? I’m not sure where I will end up in 10 years. I just hope I can maintain the same attitude I’ve had at Trinity and still be happy, wherever I am.