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Lucianne Lavin

Lavin, Lucianne. “The Morgan Site, Rocky Hill, Connecticut: A Late Woodland Farming Community in the Connecticut River Valley”. ASC 51 (1988): 7-22

Dr. Lavin does not provide information on Simsbury or the Massacoes in this essay, but does give insight into finds at a comparable site along the Connecticut River. This work is important because Lavin provides comparisons between inland finds and coastal finds.

Kenneth Feder

Feder, Ken. “The Glazier Blade Cache: Thirty Remarkable Blades Found in Granby, Connecticut”. ASC 66 (2004): 101-113.

Feder’s essay is fascinating because he writes about a huge prehistoric find in Granby, Connecticut. Feder recounts how with assistance he unearths thirty blades made with high skill that date to around 425 AD and 450 AD.

Marc Banks and Kenneth Feder

Banks, Marc & Kenneth Feder. “Archaeological Survey of the McLean Game Refuge, Granby and Simsbury, Connecticut”.  ASC 59 (1996): 39-52.

Written in 1996, this Archaeological Survey is very important to understanding the natives who lived in Simsbury and Granby. Banks and Feder provide details of their finds from the McLean Game Refuge, which includes conclusions that the natives used the area as a seasonal, repetitive campsite.


Marc Banks

Banks, Marc. “Aboriginal Weirs in Southern New England”. ASC Bulletin 53 (1990): 73-83.

Bancs writes a brief, yet informative essay about what fishing weirs are, how they were used, and how they were built in pre-contact and post-contact times. The essay provides details on known locations of old weir sites, what natives might have caught and the complexity of finding the ruins of an old weir today.

Simsbury FCh Records

“Simsbury FCh Records.” Unpublished manuscript, n.d.

This small piece of paper is located in one of the Granby folders on the natives. It is not published, and only contains a quick hand written note, and a small seemingly unrelated newspaper clipping. The handwritten note includes the name of a native who died in 1812, Garret Ransom, who presumably lived in Granby, while the newspaper clipping is about an artifact donation to Granby Library.

Robert J. Miller

Miller, Robert J. “Forest Lighthouse Archaeology Gives Form to Tale of a Marginal Community.” Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT), August 16, 2003.

Miller writes this article about the Lighthouse settlement in Barkhamsted. The legend of the settlement’s history is questioned, but is then partially backed up by archaeological research by Feder.

Clavin Fisher

Fisher, Clavin. “The Caretaker Mystery Still Shrouds the McLean Game Refuge.” Unpublished typescript, n.d.

Fisher’s article is about Amos George, a Pequot native and the caretaker of McLean Game Refuge in Simsbury and Granby starting in 1932. Fisher does not depict George in an overly positive light, but this article does help to prove native presence in Simsbury in more modern times.