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Nicholas F. Bellantoni

Bellantoni, Nicholas F. Nicholas F. Bellantoni to Mark Williams, March 18, 1991. Salmon Brook Historical Society, Granby, CT.

This is a letter written by the state archaeologist at the time, Bellantoni, to Mr. Williams regarding certain archaeological sites in Granby. Mr. Bellantoni writes that there are two main sites, West Point Site and Mechanics Point Site. At both sites, discoveries included stone and flint tools.

Jim Trocchi

Trocchi, Jim. Connecticut Indians. Windsor Historical Society.

Trocchi writes informatively about the natives of the Farmington Valley, and in Connecticut. Included are details about types of food, housing structure, language, individual tribes and possible sites in the Northwest corner on Connecticut.

Henry R. Stiles

Stiles, Henry R. The History of Ancient Windsor. Vol. 1. Hartford, CT: Press of the Case, Lockwood, and Brainard, 1891.


Stiles’ lengthy work includes not only the history of Windsor, but also the histories of all areas that surround Windsor in the Connecticut River Valley. Stiles includes important and useful quotes from letters and court decisions related to the settlement of Simsbury, and the natives in that territory.

Lyman G. Potter

Potter, Lyman G. A History of First Church of Christ at Massaco, Simsbury, Conn. Simsbury, CT: First Church of Christ, 2002.

This book really focuses on the history of the First Church of Christ located in Simsbury, but also recounts some early history of the town. This includes the names of the first families to move to Simsbury before an after the 1670 deed to the town.

Jane Devlin

Devlin, Jane, comp. Simsbury, Conn.; Register of Marriages, Births & Deaths and Town Tax Rates 1694-1701 as Extracted from Noah A. Phelps. Windsor, CT: n.p., n.d.


Devlin successfully records the original Simsbury town members, their births, deaths, marriages and recorded children. The information can be found in works by Phelps, but is fully compiled in this work.

Frank G. Speck

Speck, Frank G. Native Tribes and Dialects of Connecticut. Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1928.

Speck provides a very important explanation on native language in Connecticut. Although the Massacoe are not directly mentioned, they instead are lumped in with the Tunxis. Speck describes that Northwestern Connecticut tribes, such as the Massacoe, would have spoken the r-dialect.

Ann McMullen

McMullen, Ann. Native Basketry, Basketry Styles, and Changing Group Identity in Southern New England to Algonkians of New England: Past and Present. Boston, MA: Boston University Press, 1993.

McMullen does not specifically mention Simsbury or the Massacoe natives, but does write an important article on basketry west of the Connecticut River. The author delves into how baskets had been crafted, and the difference in basket making depending on tribe or region.

Jay Mack Holbrook

Holbrook, Jay Mack. Connecticut Colonists: Windsor 1635-1703. Oxford, MA: Holbrook research Institute, 1986.

Holbrook provides a compilation of names, births, deaths, marriages in Windsor from the period of 1635-1701. This information can be used to look at settler population demographics, and specifically how size of population relates to the settlement of Simsbury.