Adding an Activity


To add an activity or resource, first turn editing on using the button in the top right hand corner or in the bottom left under “Course Administration.” There are numerous interactive activity modules that you can add to a course section using the “+Add an activity or resource” button, located in the bottom right of each week or topic section.  Some of these activities can be linked directly to the Gradebook for scoring and assessment.

The different types of available activities are shown on the right.  Note that more than one can be added to a section.  Once an activity is selected, then information about the activity is shown in the help screen on the right.  Commonly-used activities include:

  • Assignment or Workshop where students can upload and submit work for scoring and assessment
  • Forum or Chat for asynchronous and synchronous discussion and collaboration
  • Quiz for online assessment, including automatic or manual scoring
  • Database and Glossary allows participants to create and maintain a collection of entries or definitions
  • Wiki enables participants to add and edit a collection of web pages
  • Lesson offers the functionality to customize content delivery and assessment