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Who Are We?

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History Major

Why Study History?

The beginning of the 21st century is an exciting time to engage in the study of history at a national liberal arts college like Trinity.

The Cold War abruptly ended, Eastern European communism and South African Apartheid both collapsed, ethnic conflicts have erupted around the world, Mexico faces the double challenge of financial stability and democratization, and India and Pakistan have become nuclear powers. International conferences have highlighted the fragility of the global environment and the growing level of poverty among the world’s women and children, and the Internet has promised to transform the world.

History offers keys to interpreting all of these changes. Some years ago, a popular slogan urged educators to: Start where the student is! Fit the curriculum to their curiosities! Be relevant! The History Department at Trinity agrees. It is wise to start where students are, but we believe it wiser still to lead them to places they have never been.

This section of our website describes in detail the list of courses required to complete the History major at Trinity, as well as other important and useful information for current and prospective majors.