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Studying History in Cape Town, South Africa

Written by: Chelsey Crabbe (History, Class of 2017)

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I never thought that I could come to love a place as much as Cape Town, South Africa. Having arrived back home over a year ago, the memories I made in South Africa are still fresh in my mind. I spent the fall semester of 2015 participating in the Trinity-in-Cape Town program with eight other Trinity students. In terms of my academic experience, I attended the University of Cape Town, a school beautifully set into a mountain face, a setting that would greatly juxtapose the political turmoil boiling on campus. The #FeesMustFall campaign became the movement at school as the university’s students began protesting the rising student fees that barred a number of individuals from attending school. Their efforts are still at the heart of the greater goal of decolonizing the school system and continue today. Coming from Trinity, I had never seen mass student protests before especially with my own eyes. I became entranced by the students’ active political participation, a symbol of their deep value of education. As a history major, I realized that history was occurring before my very eyes, a strong reminder that Apartheid still remained a key component of the nation’s collective memory.

Post Grad Internship Opportunity: Match Educatoin

If you are graduating senior with a History Major and interested in pursuing a career in education, the History Dept. urges students to consider this internship opportunity with Match Education. The Match Corps and its sister program, Match Teacher Residency, are ideal for individuals interested in taking a gap year or in transitioning into a career in education. Basically, top-notch college grads serve as tutors and mentors in our schools for one year, and have the option to participate in intense, hands-on teacher training during this residency year.

Internship Spotlight.2: News as an Archive

By: Jessica Wachtel (History, Class of 2012). Last week I was asked by my faculty internship sponsor: In what ways has majoring in history informed my thinking and/or prepared me for work in the media field? Majoring in History has assisted me for my career in the media field by giving me a general background of international historical events and the way in which humans have recorded and preserved their own history. Through the medium of television broadcasting, news has been documented to give to historical events that have been framed through an eyewitness account or experience. News can be used as an archive to relate to in the future as a record of the progression of mankind and it is the journalist’s responsibility to inform the public of these events so they develop a social consciousness and awareness of what is going on around them and how these events can impact their daily lives. It is a civic duty to be in media communications as a means of passing on information to the public and leaving a legacy for the future human race.

Internship Spotlight.1: National News vs. Local News

By: Jessica Wachtel (Class of 2012)

After working at CBS News in New York City over this past summer and at WFSB in Rocky Hill over the course of this school year, I have come to realize that my experiences at both these new stations were extremely different, based on their coverage of local versus national news. While I had my internship at CBS News in the city, I worked everyday, eight hours a day, for ten weeks.  I was assigned to the News Marketing department with three other interns out of the total 180 interns. Upon my arrival at the building, I met my fellow interns who were from all over the country, stretching as far west as California and as far south as Florida.  Two boys from my high school happened to be assigned to the same department as myself, but overall I was working with a diverse group of people with various experiences and backgrounds in journalism and communication.