Integrating Poll Everywhere with Moodle Gradebook

Student results from Poll Everywhere surveys and quizzes can now be integrated with the Moodle Gradebook. For information on how to use Poll Everywhere in your class, start with this post.

Creating a participant list

After you have created a set of polls (questions), you will first need to create a class participant list in your Poll Everywhere account. Login in to Moodle, and navigate to the section of your course where you want to integrate a Poll Everywhere quiz or survey. Turn on editing, and then click on ‘Add an activity or resource.’

Select ‘External tool’ and click Add. Enter in a name for the activity, and then under Preconfigured Tool, select ‘Poll Everywhere Porter.’

Important Note: In order for the tool to work properly, you will need to set the view for the Poll Everywhere screen within Moodle by clicking on ‘Show more,’ and then under Launch Container, select ‘New window.’ This means that you will need to also allow pop-up windows in your browser.

If you are only using this tool to create a participant list, set grading to ‘None’ under Grades. Finally, scroll down to the Common module settings frame and select ‘Hide from students’ under Availability. Click on ‘Save and return to course.’ Students will not be accessing Poll Everywhere through Moodle, but just through polling using their desktop or mobile device.

Turn editing off, and navigate to the Poll Everywhere activity you just created. Click on the activity name, and that will open up a new window  showing your Poll Everywhere account (you may need to login with your Poll Everywhere credentials).

To create a class list within Poll Everywhere, click on the Import roster button. This will take a few seconds, but then you should see your course name under the Groups listing on the right when you click on Participants in Poll Everywhere. Make sure to select ‘Registered participants only’ when you configure the poll or activity, so that you will be able to pull out participant results by class. If your students do not have a Poll Everywhere account linked to their Trinity email, a new account will be created for them and they will receive a new email with account information. Existing student accounts will be linked to your course.

Importing polls to create a gradebook item

To import poll answers, follow the above instructions to add the Poll Everywhere external tool to the topic area where you want to import poll questions. Under Privacy, make sure all the boxes are checked so that grades can be accepted from the tool. Under the Grade tool settings, make sure to set the maximum points to the correct value.

After you have completed your questions in Poll Everywhere, return to the activity in Moodle, and click on ‘Create Gradebook for exporting.’ This will open up the Polls window in your Poll Everywhere account. Select the questions that you want to export by clicking on the radio buttons on the left, and then click on Finish. (NOTE: If you are not seeing the Finish button, make sure you set the Launch container for the tool to be ‘New window’ as described above).

The next screen will show a gradebook listing of the results. Click on the blue button ‘LMS Export’ at the bottom right to add the results to your Gradebook in Moodle (a grade item will be created automatically.) Once you click on the button, a notice will pop up that the export is running in the background.

Any questions, please contact your instructional technologist.