Customizing course layout

The home page for a course is divided into course sections and blocks. The center column contains the course sections, usually organized either by week or topic. Resources (such as PDFs or other files), activities (such as forums), and assessment (such as quizzes, tests, or assignment dropboxes) can be added to the individual sections.

Blocks are located to the left and right of the section area, and contain items such as ‘Navigation,’  ‘Administration,’ and ‘Calendar.’ It is helpful to find the “Administration” block, in particular, as this will allow you to edit many aspects of your course. A sample course format is shown below, organized by class topic.



To change the default format of the middle content area from weekly to topics, click on “Edit Settings” in the Administration block as shown above.  On the “Edit Settings” page, expand Course Format (by clicking on the gray triangle), and then choose the desired format using the drop-down menu.

In the Weekly format, the course page is organized
into weekly sections, starting with the course date.

The Topics format organizes the course into topic sections, and the number of sections can be customized.