Modify Quiz Options by Groups

If you have created a quiz in a Moodle course that contains groups, you can modify the quiz options so that it can be completed at different times by the different groups. This would be helpful in a combined Moodle course that hosts multiple sections of students. If a quiz must be completed at different times by different sections, make sure the groups are set by section, and then time constraints can be applied for these groups so that for any given student, the quiz will open and close relative to their section time.

The first step to doing this is to click on the quiz when editing is turned off.
After you have entered the page for the quiz, click “more” on the horizontal navigation menu and select “overrides”

This will bring you to a new screen where you will select “Group overrides.” from the add-drop menu and then ”
add group override”. Another new page will be brought up that looks like the one below. First, choose the appropriate group in the override group drop down box. Then fill out the fields for “Open the quiz” and “Close the quiz” with the relevant start and end times for students to access the quiz. Make sure to check the “Enable” boxes to activate these time frames. Finally, click “Save and enter another override” to provide a time frame for the next group. When all groups have been entered, simply click Save.