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History Department’s Senior Thesis Presentations 2016-2017

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This academic year, the History Department has nine honor thesis writers. Elizabeth, Sedona, Callie, Dylan, Elm, Chelsey, Eleanor, Seth and Andrew will be presenting on their research on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. The presentations will take place at Seabury Hall 215 (Trinity College), starting at 9:00 a.m. History Thesis Writers, History Majors, members of the History Department, and members of the Trinity and Hartford community are invited and encouraged to attend this special event. A five minute Q+A will follow each presentation. For the full schedule, continue reading….

9:30 Askren, Elizabeth: “Examining the Historiography of Indigenous Enslavement in Southern New England” Advisor: Wickman; Second Reader: Greenberg.

9:45 Georgescu, Sedona: “Fear Thy Neighbor: Spatial Relations in the 17th Century New England Witch-Hunt Trials” Advisor: Wickman.; Second Reader: Gac.

10:00 Prince, Callie: “Indicting the Third Reich: Justice Jackson and The Nuremberg Trials” Advisor: Greenberg; Second Reader: Rodriguez.

10:15 Hebert, Dylan: “The Historiography of the Napoleonic Invasion of Russia and its Presentation in Russian Culture and Society” Advisor: Kassow; Second Reader: Kete.

10:30 Fox, Elm: “Operation Mars: A Major Soviet Defeat during November to December 1942” Advisor: Kassow; Second Reader: Heaney.


11:00 Crabbe, Chelsey: “Victors Without Spoil: The Monuments Men and Art Restitution, 1943-1949” Advisor: Kassow; Second Reader: Euraque.

11:15 Worsley, Eleanor: “Petticoats and Power: Nocturnalization, Space, and Female Influence in Georgian London 1760-1830” Advisor: Kete; Second Reader: Hedrick.

11:30 Browner, Seth: “Visionaries in Opposition: Napoleon, Talleyrand, and the future of France, 1799-1807” Advisor: Kete; Second Reader: Kippur, Language and Culture Studies Department.

11:45 Housman, Andrew. “Frontier Epics: Byzantine Narrative and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Arab Borderlands.” Advisor: Reger; Second Reader: Koertner, Religion Department.

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