Using Kaltura Media Assignments

  1. First, you’ll want to start by adding your media assignment to your Moodle page. Open the course you would like to have the assignment in, and select “Turn Editing On”.  From here, scroll to the section of your course that requires the media assignment, select “Add activity or Resource”, and, in the next menu select “Kaltura Media Assignment”.2. Next, continue through settings as you would any other assignment. This includes:
    1. Naming the assignment
    2. Providing a description
    3. Setting availability  and a due date
    4. Changing grading settings

3. For elaboration on any of these settings, see our posts on assignments

4. Once your settings are in place, you will be able to edit your media assignment from your course page, in the event that you need to edit your settings after publishing your assignment. Find where the assignment is listed, and with editing still turned on, locate the three dots icon and select “Edit settings”

5. With this assignment in place, students will be able to submit a video from their own devices, which can then be received, watched, and graded by you according to the criteria established in your settings.

Creating a Kaltura Video Quiz

You can easily add questions to a video file using Kaltura and Moodle. You can determine at what point to pause the video and ask a question and set various quiz options.

To get started the video must be in your Kaltura Media Space. You can upload videos directly or you can copy clips from videos linked to your Moodle site into your own space, from a library course reserve for example. You can create the quiz either in Kaltura Media Space or in the Moodle Media Gallery for your course but we recommend starting the quiz in Media Space. Continue reading “Creating a Kaltura Video Quiz”