Community Joins in Mural Project


Peruvian artist Jorge Alberto Miyagui Oshiro, foreground, Trinity College’s 2015 Human Rights Advocacy Fellow-in-Residence, leads a public mural painting session at Trinity’s Broad Street Gallery on Saturday, February 7. Dozens of participants of all ages collaborated on the two-day project, which was started the preceding day. On February 5, Miyagui gave an afternoon talk on “Art in Public Space: The Experiences of the Mural Brigade and the Itinerant Art Memory Museum in Peru,” as well as an evening lecture: “Mr. Miyagui Fights Back: Blurring the Lines between Art and Politics.” Miyagui’s artwork explores the activism, resistances, and traumas of everyday working- and middle-class Peruvian people during and after Peru’s civil war, confronts the findings of the 2003 Peruvian Truth Commission, and highlights ongoing social justice issues. His time on campus provided opportunities for students and community members to reflect on social transformation, activism, and community building.

Photos by Diana Guay Photography