Recent Publications


Photo by John Atashian

Books001Literary Exiles from Nazi Germany: Exemplarity and the Search for Meaning
Johannes F. Evelein, Professor of Language and Culture Studies
Camden House, 2014; 201 pages

Books006A Sister to Honor
Lucy Ferriss, Writer-in-Residence
Berkley Trade, 2015; 400 pages

Why Are You Here? A Primer for State Legislators and Citizens
Franklin L. Kury ’58
University Press of America, Inc., 2014; 104 pages

Reconnaissance in Sonora: Charles D. Poston’s 1854 Exploration of Mexico and the Gadsden Purchase
C. Gilbert Storms ’64
The University of Arizona Press, 2015; 193 pages

Tender is the Night & F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Sentimental Identities
Chris Messenger ’65
The University of Alabama Press, 2015; 281 pages

Books002SThe Sound of Music Story
Tom Santopietro ’76
St. Martin’s Press, 2015; 324 pages

The Kind Worth Killing
Peter Swanson ’90
William Morrow, 2015; 313 pages

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