Monsoonal McCookout

Torrential rains could not deter us this morning to meet for McCookout. Cameron plus students were in the field, and Christoph had to yield the picnic table on the life science quad to the janitors, but soon enough the coals were lit on the original McCookout site: The McCook Patio.
Unfortunately, within minutes, it started to rain and a few minutes later McCookout turned Monsoonout. Luckily, a little bit of rain hasn’t really hurt anybody yet, and lunch in front of the McCook auditorium was delicious!

What an Honorable Bunch!

Just got the e-mail from the dean of faculty office: the following ENVS students received faculty honors in Spring 2013. Congratulations!

Saam Aiken
Sarah Black
Kelly Freeman
Linnea Gotberg
Lia Howard
David Johnston
Jacob Mackoff
Alessandro Maiola
Sama Shrestha
Renee Swetz
Lauren Tierney
Evan Tikka

Summer Research in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Jon Gourley and his two students, Justin and Dan, are spending the week in the White Mountain sampling soils in soon to be clear-cut forest areas. Asides from being very fashionable in their fancy ENVS T-shirts, they claim to have sampled over 200 soil samples for nutrient analyses. Once analyzed, these samples will form a baseline for soil nutrient content and how soil nutrients are affected by clear cutting.

Summer Research in Full Swing

While it is pretty quiet on campus the dungeon of McCook is as lively as ever. Justin and Dan are preparing their White Mountains research project with Jon Gourley.

Justin hard at work hardly working ….
… and Dan getting it done!
Maddie is making lots of progress identifying pollen grains,

while Jami keeps that magnetometer spinning all day long. Keep it up Jami – only 49,346 samples to go!
But most of the action happens in our newest lab: after it has been properly relabeled (check the sign by the door) Cameron and his students have been busy getting their stuff set up. All I can say is: watch out for Sarah!


ENVS 350 slide show now on-line

OK, it took me a while, but here are some of my slides from this year’s ENVS field trip to Utah. Enjoy!

While sitting around the campfire we also decided that next year we will return to Iceland (Christoph and Jon will figure out the details over the summer) and, since we already froze our butts off in Utah, we’ll get ourselves ENVS fleece jackets. We don’t know what they will look like, but we know they will be awesome!


ENVS 350 returns from Utah


Yep that describes it pretty well. From blown van tires, death marches in the blazing hot sand, spiders with eyes the size of your head, impressive vistas from the shower stalls of the Grand Canyon, to amazing food served by chefs Jon and Christoph: this year’s trip had it all.
The ENVS 350 class spent 10 days in Zion and Bryce, tried to buy food in Tropic, UT (Christoph cornered the market on hamburger), learned all “about my country” (Venezuela), drove way too few gravel roads,  froze their butts off at 8500 feet, camped out in the Escalante Grand Staircase, failed to reach Sam Pollock’s Arch, and finally experienced the breathtaking vistas of the North Rim. More pictures  will follow once I get them all processed.

Our last campfire in Valley of the Fire State Park