Eastern Coyote Challenging Images Rows 1-2

Plain text indicates the location (see corresponding red arrow) of the animal(s) in image; bold text indicates the basis of the identification of the animal(s).

1 ­– On left margin of image, facing right.  [Single coyote: this view shows the relatively large size, long legs, and white lower side of muzzle that are indicative of the coyote.]

2 ­– Behind pile, facing left.  [Single coyote: this somewhat blurred view depicts the profile of a canid, with its relatively long legs and muzzle coloration typical of a coyote.]

3 ­– To left of pile, facing away from camera.  [Single coyote: this view depicts an animal with the long legs, bushy, black-tipped tail that characterize a coyote.]

4 –To the right behind pile, facing away from camera.  [Single coyote: view shows a canid with a stocky build, bushy tail, long legs.]

5 – On left margin of image, facing right..  [Single coyote: this partial view shows an animal with the size, height, head shape, muzzle coloration consistent with a coyote.]

6 – Behind pile, facing away from camera. [Single coyote: in this blurry view (moisture on lens) the animal’s overall size, long legs, and black-tipped tail indicate a coyote.]