Domestic Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

Order: Carnivora, Family: Canidae

Appearance/Behavior:  This domestic canid is rather variable in both size and coloration.  Dog visitors appear primarily to be free-roaming pets of residents in the vicinity of the study area of the compost experiment.  For example, a large black Labrador retriever, frequently wearing a collar, has been regularly encountered since the beginning of the experiment. Typical visits involve a solitary animal.  On rare occasions two dogs have visited together.

Relative Frequency of Visitation in Study: Regular visitors.

Seasonal Activity: Year-round.

Daily Activity:  Primarily nocturnal, but with some daytime visits.

Similar Species: The individual domestic dogs that have been encountered to date would not be easily mistaken for one of the native canids (i.e., coyote, red fox, or gray fox species).  The variable appearance of these particular domestic dogs can be seen in the images below.

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