Fisher Challenging Images Rows 3-4

Plain text indicates the location (see corresponding red arrow) of the animal(s) in image; bold text indicates the basis of the identification of the animal(s).

1 ­–  Directly behind pile, facing left.  [Single fisher: a rather limited view, obscured by vegetation.  Elongate body, long tail, and coloration are characteristic.]

2 ­– In foreground to left of pile, facing camera  [Single fisher: view of face (carrying food in mouth), side, and tail is strongly indicative of a fisher.]

3 ­– Directly behind pile, facing left.  [Single fisher: a somewhat limited view, obscured by vegetation.  Elongate body and coloration are characteristic. This image is part of an extended series resulting from a single visit and includes a number of well-defined shots of the fisher.]

4 – In background to right of pile, facing away from camera.  [Single fisher: partial view including the long tail and coloration characteristic of a fisher.  Preceding image showed a clearly defined fisher.]

5 – To left of pile facing camera  [Single fisher: good view of characteristic features of face, legs, left side, and tail, but obscured by fog in this grayscale image.]

6 – Directly behind pile, facing camera. [Single fisher: a rather limited view due to pile material.  Ears, elongate body, and coloration are indicative of the fisher.]