Opossum Challenging Images Rows 1-2

Plain text indicates the location (see corresponding red arrow) of the animal(s) in image; bold text indicates the basis of the identification of the animal(s).

1 ­– On left margin of image, facing left.  [Single opossum: this partial image (somewhat masked by vegetation) shows the back, hind quarters, and bare tail. The contrast between the lighter back and the darker legs and the bare tail are indicative of the opossum.]

2  ­– To right of pile, facing right.  [Single opossum: this small individual is cryptic against a gray background of fallen leaves.  Its gray coloration, bare tail (extending upward), and dark ears contrasting with a light face are all characteristic of the opossum.]

3 ­– On pile, facing camera. [Single opossum: a somewhat blurred view shows the lighter, pointed face contrasting with the gray back.  The diagnostic bare tail of the opossum is extended upward.]

4 – To right of pile, facing right. [Single opossum: a partial view with head turned away shows the gray back, darker legs, and bare tail that are indicative of the opossum.]

5 – On front margin of image, facing camera.  [Single opossum: this partial image shows only the gray base of the tail and the diagnostic bare tail itself (extending upwards towards pile), both indicative of the opossum.]

6 – To left of pile, facing way from camera.  [Single opossum: this view of the animal from its rear reveals its gray coloration along the dorsal surface, bare tail (pointing towards camera), and the darker legs that are all characteristic of the opossum.]