This week at Trinity 100 years ago

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In the October 14, 1910 issue of the Tripod, the following books were among those reported as “additions to the library”:

An Account of Some of the Descendants of John Russell, the Emigrant, by the late Gurdon Wadsworth Russell (Trinity Class of 1835).  The book is still here:  http://library.trincoll.edu/voyager/shortcut.cfm?BIBID=564598

Shakespeare and His Critics, by Charles F. Johnson (gift of the author, and it was reviewed in the Tripod in 1909).  The book is still here:  http://library.trincoll.edu/voyager/shortcut.cfm?BIBID=401511

Music in the Church, by Peter Christian Lutkin.  The book is still here:  http://library.trincoll.edu/voyager/shortcut.cfm?BIBID=491463

Proceedings of the Second National Peace Congress, Chicago, 1909, ed. by Charles E. Beals.  The book is still here:  http://library.trincoll.edu/voyager/shortcut.cfm?BIBID=521362

 Best advertisement:  Promoting the various aspects of the college, including the library:  “The LIBRARY contains about 60,000 volumes, 30 per cent of which have been purchased within the last twelve years.  It is open daily for consultation and study.


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