New Acquisition: British Empire-opoly!

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jubilee gamesmallThe Jubilee, an Interesting Game.  (London: John Harris, 1810).

This board game was designed as a jigsaw puzzle, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of reign of King George III. The game highlights the historical events that occurred during George III’s long reign, an important period for both Australia & the United States.  In the South Pacific, James Cook’s voyages yield important discoveries–vignettes include South Pacific natives, a Tahitian woman in a wide skirt, “Botany Bay” (aborigine & a kangaroo), and the Mutiny on the Bounty.  Events of the American Revolution are illustrated at length–“Stamps” being burned; the 1st meeting of Congress at NY; the battle at Lexington, MA; the Declaration of Independence; the Surrender of Burgoyne; the Surrender at Yorktown. Other events include the King’s marriage & birth of his children, riots in London & Birmingham, the Irish Rebellion, wars with Spain & France, and the subsequent peace.  Abolition of the slave trade; Haley’s Comet, Handel, hot air balloon & the smallpox vaccine, etc.  The game was published by John Harris, who took over Elizabeth Newberry’s publishing business in 1801 and worked until it was sold in 1843.  Newberry was part of the famous 18th century children’s literature publishers.  Harris also worked with John Wallis, one of the most prolific publishers of games and dissected puzzles between 1775 and 1847.

jubilee gameHere is a detail of the images.  At some point soon, we will reconstruct the counters and other pieces from the rules, and be able to PLAY this game of history in the Watkinson!


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