A 17th century thesis, recently acquired

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Johannes Praetorius and Franciscus Romanus Bruno (respondent).  Disputatio historico-physica, de Crotalistria tepidi temporis hospita ([Leipzig], 1702).  First published in 1656, this is a treatise with a ponderous learned apparatus on the flights of migratory birds.  Johannes Praetorius, according to one authority, “had an open eye and a sharp ear for all wonder stories, witch tales, and accounts of ghosts and sorcery current among the people.  He indefatigably collected all information on remarkable subjects and happenings, and was fond of popular gossip, even of the uncouth type.”  The author makes an exhaustive search of classical to modern literature that deals with the migratory behavior of birds, extensively footnoted, with observations of bird flights from the Nile to Nova Zembla (among others).


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