“This pretty little warbler is migratory, and arrives in Louisiana from the South, in the beginning of spring.  It is found in open woods, as well as in the vicinity of ponds overgrown with low bushes and rank weeds.  Along with a pair of Blue-Winged Yellow Warblers, I have represented a species of Hibiscus, which grows on the edges of these ponds.  Its flowers are handsome, but unfortunately have no pleasant odour.

The species which now occupies our attention is a busy, active bird, and is seen diligently searching among the foliage and grasses for the small insects on which it feeds, mounting now and then towards the tops of the bushes, to utter a few weak notes, which are in no way interesting.”

–J. J. Audubon, Ornithological Biography, I (1831), 102.

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