Recently acquired at auction!

Charles Ogé Barbaroux (1792–1867), the son of Charles Jean-Marie Barbaroux (1767–1794, who was guillotined during the Terror) first published his Mémoires in 1822.  A few years later, Joseph Alexandre Lardier (b. 1796) translated them into English as Adventures of a French Serjeant: during his campaigns in Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, &c., from 1805 to 1823 (London, 1826), for some reason attributing the memoirs to a Robert Guillemard.

We already had the first French edition of Barbaroux’s memoir (1822).  With the support of the Don Engley Book Fund, we recently purchased this manuscript at auction of over 400 pages, which appears to be a fair copy of Lardier’s translation.

To complete our holdings, we also recently acquired the first London edition of this translation (from a dealer in California).  Even a cursory reading reveals many differences in the text, and we feel that this is a superb senior thesis topic for some enterprising student, or a possible article topic  for a faculty member.

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